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The Hottest Internet Association Debate: Where Are You on Net Neutrality?

The FCCs vote for repealing net neutrality has left several people across the world shocked and completely unsure of what would happen from here. However, the track to restore the net neutrality principle and fully secure the future of this concept has already started unfolding.

Internet Association

There are many companies and people who have actually educated themselves on this topic. They have done this with the attempt to take an unwavering and formal stand against net neutrality repeal.

The group called Internet Association has recently joined the fight against the Federal Communications Commission repealing net neutrality.

Rules Repealed by FCC

The Internet Association has announced that the large technology firms like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are against the net neutrality repeal and they will also be staking their security on capsizing it.

However, it is important to note that prior to this, several large tech firms were quite inactive and passive when protests against the repeal took the center stage for the first time.

Internet Association net neutrality

Majority of the tech companies did not take a strong action or public stance. It is only because of this reason that the repeal was passed. It is recently that the big giants have taken a stand against the new rules of the FCC governing the internet under the repeal.

The rules came into effect in the year 2015 stating a regulatory strategy that was meant for the internet that was fast changing.

Under these rules, FCC was given broad power over the internet service providers. Following practices were prohibited by the rules:

  • Throttling: The ISPs were not allowed to slow down data transmission based on the nature of information as long as it is lawful.
  • Blocking: The Internet Service Providers will not have the power to discriminate against legal content by simply blocking applications and websites.
  • Paid Prioritization: The ISPs will not have the power to create an intern fast track for consumers and companies that pay high premiums. They will also not have the authority of creating slow internet lanes for the ones who do not make huge payments.

How has the Internet Association Gained an Edge in the Fight for Net Neutrality Restoration?

The Internet Association is made up of over 40 important and large tech firms. It includes companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber. The Internet Association seems like a team representing the most influential and the biggest tech companies.

It also staffs government employees with high experience levels in the technological sector. The senior vice president and the vice president of the Internet Association have policymaking backgrounds.

This perfect blend of clout and experience has offered the association a serious edge in the fight to reinstate net neutrality.  The association and its member companies seem to be very well-equipped with the ability to advocate internet regulations that actually make great sense from both technical and political standpoints.

What Is Your Standpoint?

Net neutrality repeal could possibly destroy the present atmosphere of free internet across the world. Hopefully, the big tech companies within the Internet Association fighting against this repeal are victorious. If this does not happen then the ISPs will have the power to decide on the websites that the users can access.

The Internet Association

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