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Influence of Network Neutrality on Various Businesses (And Yours, Too!)

Net neutrality has been a topic of debate on different discussion boards and forums of late. There are many companies that are actually quite upset about this subject.

Network Neutrality FCC

However, prior to understanding why companies are bent on going against network neutrality, it is important for you to understand the concept first.

What is Network Neutrality All About?

As per an article published in Business Insider,

Network neutrality prevents the Internet Service Providers from controlling the content and the information accessed by the online users.

Net Neutrality

This means that the ISPs need to treat all the traffic sources equally. The fact that this topic is quite controversial and required the US Court of Appeals to get into it is because ISPs like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon want to charge the users of their networks.

Charging for their networks means that these ISPs will get the ability to choose what the online users see while using the internet. This way they would charge the content providers.

Friend or Foe?

Internet speed is something that can be gambled upon.

This means if you are a small business trying to grow in the industry, it might be a difficult terrain for you. This is because your large and more developed competitors will be paying high prices for driving in the fast lane.

By default, your business will be placed in the slow lane.

When it comes to getting new customers, the companies with deeper pockets might be easily able to speed past the ones with not-so-good finances.

Boiling down net neutrality will help you in understanding that it is brought down data to a level where it can be equally accessed by way of the internet.

Net Neutrality

Network neutrality means, the large international companies and the small local businesses come down to the same platform.

They have equal access to the placement of information and the access to information online. Things like marketing and advertising budgets also need to be factored in when trying to get the word out.

However, when it comes to accessibility, all the companies are on a level podium. If net neutrality is not in place, equal accessibility goes out of the window.

Your Pockets Aren’t Light Anymore…

In the absence of net neutrality, USPs will get the ability to create different tiers of accessing online information. This means that they can always demand extra money for offering better accessibility.

This way the smaller businesses that have small budgets might not be able to get into a competition for access to the large companies that have the affordability to pay extra fees.

Network Neutrality Debate


This also means that there would be nothing that could stop the large firms from making extra payments to the ISPs for slow access to the other websites. This could possibly put the smaller companies completely out of business.

 The Last Mile…

Thus, it is very important for the smaller companies to have a clear idea of net neutrality. Major decisions made in this field could have an impact on small businesses and their ability to access online information.

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